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Name Chosen?

So we’ve been trying out a few names – Jake and Toby fell by the wayside almost immediately. Hubster didn’t go for the soppy names like Doughnut and Biscuit that were suggested. Harley lasted a few days but the front runner so far with no immediate competition is FREDDIE! Combinations include Fredster, Frederick, Freddieboy, ReadyFreddie…


The puppies eyes are open!!

Now its time to make a decision….which one? Such an important choice as this boy will be part of our family for the next decade or more…

Beautiful, lifelike portraits of your horses and pets taken from your own photos

Beautiful, lifelike portraits of your horses and pets taken from your own photos

My very talented friends site…if you have an animal that you love and want to capture forever please visit her site.

What is a Cavador?

The cavador is a cross between a cavalier king charles father and labrador mother. Image They really are just  a miniature size labrador with big, beautiful eyes and longer, floppy ears. They are also calmer and quieter than a full labrador. Perfect for the family that loves the lab but doesn’t have enough space or time to exercise every day. They are available in solid jet black, chocolate or gold.

Riley trying to get in the girls bath!

My brothers German Shepherd puppy helped paved the way for us getting our own dog with cute episodes like this!!

Watch this space!!

Watch this space!!

For regular updates on the progress of our utterly adorable Cavador puppy – only born three days ago and we are still waiting to meet him…and name him!

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Follow our journey with our brand new Cavador pup!

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