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Do Cavadors Shed?

Well if you’d asked me 2 months ago I’d have said ‘No! They are perfect no -shredders!’ However since we switched the central heating on its been a slightly different story…

Louis’s fur doesn’t exactly come out in clumps but I am now noticing balls of fluff in the corners of our tiled utility room floor – and my rugs now need a thorough Hoover ever few days.

I now try and groom him each time we come back from a walk which does help but when the sun shines low through the window I can see Louis hair glinting across the floor!

Fortunately we stuck to our ‘Banned from Upstairs’ rule so our clothes start the day fluff free! The girls both wear woolly tights for school and when they walk around with no shoes on they get a fluff build up…

Hopefully the shedding will stop when he gets used to the temperature change – anyone have any experience of Cavies and shedding?


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