We can’t wait to meet our new pup and introduce him to the family.  While we were searching for him we noticed there were not many sites dedicated to Cavadors – especially in this country. This is why we have decided to start a blog so that more people can share in this adorable (cross) breed … and hopefully follow and contribute to our journey!


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  1. Hi I’m trying to find a cavador but finding the task very difficult ! Does any one know any breeders ? Thanks Sabrina

    • Hi Sabrina – so sorry with summer hols i missed this comment from you. Have you found a breeder yet? And which country are you in? Claire x

      • Hello Cavadorable! I am looking for a Cavador breeder in the US (I’m in California.) Any info you can provide would be fabulous! Thank you!

  2. Hi, I was wondering if you would be able to assit me with a few questions about a cavador? We are looking at getting a dog for the family and the cavador is at the top of the list, but have been unable to get in conatct with anyone with one, (apart from a seller) just wondering if you could help, it would be so greatly appreciated.

    • Hi Cam – I’d be delighted to answer any questions you have. Message me your email if you like and I’ll reply on that? Best , Claire x

      • Thanks heaps Claire,
        Is there a way I can send you a my email without it being displayed on the blog?
        I greatly appreciate your reply.

      • Hi Cam – if you leave a new comment with your email address it will only appear on the blog if I approve it – which I won’t. It shows up to me as a comment pending approval so I can see it but no-one else.

    • Hello CAM,
      We’ve been searching high and low for a breeder/seller for months now to no avail! Not sure where anyone on this site is at, but we’re in California and happy to arrange for transport/travel from Australia or Europe as needed; our 8 and 5 year old girls have their hearts set on a Cavador puppy that badly ! Any help is appreciated. thank you,

  3. Hi,
    We are currently making enquiries with Titchy Pig Farm and have our hearts set on a Cavador, but I want to make sure that I have researched adequately. It’d be great to ask you a few questions about your experience if you have the time.
    Many thanks,

  4. Victoria Fisher

    Hi CAM,
    I recently came across the Cavador breed and have fallen for it completely! I was just wondering though if you know of any breeders in the southwest (UK) ? I can only find the odd advert for one being sold but I’d like a proper breeder if possible. Your dog Louis is beautiful, I love the colour of his coat! But now I’ve seen him I really want one that is a similar colour 🙂 we are looking at getting a dog in March/April 2014, do you know of any pups that will be born or ready at around that time (and possibly the same colours the gorgeous Louis) ?
    Thank you

    Victoria Fisher

    • Hi Victoria
      Thanks for your lovely comments! I will email you details of the only litter I know of that’s from a recommended breeder at the moment – thanks, Claire

      • Hi Claire,

        I would hugely appreciate any info on UK Cavador breeders too. We are London based, looking to get one in spring. After months of research we are pretty convinced this is the cross breed for us. Your pup looks adorable

      • Hi Kat – thanks for your interest – I’ve emailed you details. Best of luck!

      • Hi there. I also have been lolking to buy a cavador puppy.. ive searched high and low but cant seem to find any.. i am in southwest england could you guide me in any directions.. as we have our heart set on a cavador. Many thanks leeanne

      • Hi Leeanne – They are few and far between but well worth the wait! ive emailed you a breeders details. Thanks, Claire

    • Hi Victoria,my name is Lisa,I bred Orio as pictured on Claire’s site,we have a Facebook page Cav Adore,lots of pics and references,we have a litter that is due to be born end of Feb 2014,ready in spring,and we are based in the south west,I hope this helps you in your search to find a Cavador from a recommended breeder,many thanks to Claire for this fabulous site! All the best,lisali

  5. Alastair Matthews


    You mentioned on your about page that Oreo’s breeder (based in the UK) has just had another litter, I wonder if you could provide me with the details of the breeder? I live in the UK and have been searching high and low to find a Cavador breeder as we are really keen to get Cavador. Thanks for any help you can provide us.

    Kind regards


  6. Hi, I am hoping to meet some cavadors but can’t find any breeder information online. Do you know of any in the UK (preferably East of England, London or South East)?

    Many thanks, Carl

  7. hi i am also looking for breeders in the uk, they look perfect for our home thanks

  8. Hi!

    I’m hoping you might be able to help me find a breeder as well! I’ve been looking all over and can’t seem to find much information online. Have you had any luck finding a breeder in the US? Any information you could help provide would be much appreciated!

    Thanks so much!

  9. Hello All,

    I too would love an email with details on how to pick up this lovely dog. My family has amn amazing Choloate Lab, but it would be too big for my wife and I, and when we found this breed, we both fell in love. Please send me an email with details on where a breeder might be to anyone who has info. Very much appreaciate it, thanks!


  10. Hello All,

    I too would love an email with details on how to pick up this lovely dog. My family has an amazing Chocolate Lab, but it would be too big for my wife and me, and when we found this breed, we both fell in love. Please send me an email with details on where a breeder might be to anyone who has info. Very much appreciate it, thanks!


  11. I am very interested in a Cavador. Can we adopt one to the United States?

  12. We are looking for a cavador puppy at the end of June this year. Ideally black and tan or fox red. Do you know of any breeders I could contact? or of any litters planned for this time. Any help would be really appreciated.

  13. Hi there, after alot of thought we have decided to get a dog and have decided that a cavador is the best breed for us. Please please please could you help me in trying to find one as we are really struggling in finding anybody who breeds them in the UK. I see you had a litter in March and wandered if you still have any for sale. Thanks,

  14. Sarah Dobson

    Hello, we will be looking for a Cavador puppy in Autumn/Winter time and wondered if you could send us details of any UK breeders you know who may be having litters around that time. Many thanks, Sarah.

  15. Hi Cavadorable what a lovely website you have 🙂 I am a very, very proud home based breeder of this amazing breed I do first gen ( lab mum cavalier dad) I am located in Queensland Australia. Not sure if this is appropriate for your website but would be happy to send photos of my puppies and parents and help with any questions. Fiona.

    • Hi Fiona – so sorry your comment was blocked for some reason – but thankfully I’ve just come across it – thanks so much for your lovely comments. I must admit i’ve been concentrating on my food blog this year (luxuryrestaurantguide) so have really neglected the blog but hope to get back onto it in near year! Please do send over piccies and it would be great to have a contact in Australia for folk over there with questions! All best, Claire

  16. Hi there! I am in Melbourne Australia and was wondering if u could help me find a cavador breeder in Australia that preferably isn’t a puppy factory??

  17. Hello.

    I am looking for a golden or chocolate Cavador to join our family but can hardly find any in the UK.

    Do you have any advice?

    • Hi Dan – best place to look is a facebook page run by my own Cavador’s breeder which is called Cavador Appreciation Society – its a closed group so you have to ask to join but its best place to hear about new litters! Good luck x

      • Thanks. I requested to join group last week but no luck so far. Are you in the group? If so would you pass on a message to the group admin ?

  18. Hollyvsmith85@hotmail.co.uk

    Hello, i love the cavador breed and my partner and i are looking to buy one in the next six months. Can you recommend a breeder at all please? We are based in the south eat of england but are prepared to travel to find our puppy.

    Many thanks


  19. Hi,
    We have a 4 yr old cavador and are now looking to get another one. Can you recommend a breeder in New England, USA?
    Thanks so much!

  20. Hello,
    We are desperately looking for a cavador puppy but cannot seem to find any breeders. We are based in the Oxfordshire area but willing to travel!
    Has anyone got any contacts?
    Many thanks

  21. I’m looking for a calvador puppy but am having difficulty in finding a breeder. Any recommendations? Thank you! Daniela

  22. Hi, not sure if you still look at thus blog. I am looking for a cavador, I have emailed the cav adore fb page but im not sure if the breeder still uses it. I live in the UK. If you could point me in someones directtion I woukd be very greatful 🙂

    • Hi Ruth – not heard of any litters due anytime soon but will keep my ear out and post if I do – good luck in your search they are worth the wait!

      • Hi there – We are also in search of a cavador puppy in California to raise as a family pet. Do you know of any breeders in the US? Could you send resources my way? Been looking for a couple of months on and off to no avail. Thank you!

      • I see this blog only commented on rarely so dont know if you will see this – but i am looking for a breeder or a puppy Cavadore too. Has anyone found a breeder in the U.S.? nothing pops up on Google. Anyone?? my email is csteinberg10@verizon.net.

      • Hi Cathy – I’m afraid I only know breeders in the UK – good luck with your search – if anyone can help Cathy please get in touch!

  23. Just as the others, i’ve recently found and fallen for the Cavador, but I live in the U.S. Please send U.S. breeder info. Thanks.

  24. Also looking for US breeders, or information on how to adopt internationally!! our hearts are set on a cavador!

  25. Hi cavadorable I am looking for a cavador breeder in the UK. I am Northamptonshire based but travel is not an issue.


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