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Back to Eweleaze 2K17

Back to Eweleaze 2K17

It’s been a while I know! I’ve been blogging about food for the past few years which became a full-time job (literally – check out www.luxuryrestaurantguide where I just spent 4 very happy years). All change again now though which has given me a little more time to get back to blogging about other things important to me… namely Gin and Cavadors!!

So where better to get started again than a revisit to the magical Eweleaze Farm where we spent a wonderful week in August with our friends… and Louis was able to rekindle his romance with the lovely Millie!

Eweleaze 2K17 literally had EVERYTHING! From rainbows and doggie romance to Carnivals and the Red Arrows. We had ‘Gazebogate’ and nearly lost two tents at 1am one morning (thankgod we hadn’t hit the red wine too hard that night), new friends joining and old friends returning.

Here is a flavour of our time there… with of course our lovely Louis.

Louis the Cavador



Every year Eweleaze adds something else to its offering and this year was no different with cocktails in the farmyard and a shepherds hut sauna!

rainbow over Eweleaze

The UK weather of course through us its challenges, four seasons in ONE HOUR let alone one day!! The beauty of Weymouth bay though is that the clouds roll off it so quickly leaving hours of clear blue sky behind to enjoy.  One of the most amazing treats we’ve ever experienced at Eweleaze was a display by the actual Red Arrows, over the bay and the farm, as part of Weymouth carnival week – literally awesome.

Red Arrows over Eweleaze - Copy

Weymouth Carnival was another unexpected treat. Louis was desperate to see what was going on as the marching bands were going by so had to be lifted to shoulder height above the crowds to get a peek!

Louis watching Weymouth Carnival Eweleaze

One thing we’ve found that Louis is NOT at all fond of is boats – though a water lover he clearly feels very unsure and worried when he has to cross a gang plank and sit on a deck. We took a small ferry over the harbour in Weymouth and he was very brave but it’s not something he is at all comfortable with!

Over the years we have been coming to Eweleaze we have become really fond of Weymouth. It is a quirky place in many respects and has a shabby charm that is missing from many ‘tricked’ up seaside towns these days (the ones full of Jack Wills boutiques and Rick Stein restaurants…). You wouldn’t come across this type of mannequin in the shops of Padstow for example!

shop dummies mannequins Weymouth - Copy

Sadly (but thankfully) Louis’ romance with Millie never got going and he is set to be an unrequited suitor. Fortunately he was able to find solace in his bone…



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