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Golden Cavador Bitch for sale – 3yrs old

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Via – CAVADOR APPRECIATION SOCIETY ON FACEBOOK– One of the first litters of these amazing dogs in the UK ” HONEY”. 3 yrs old Bitch. Not spayed. Lovely family pet, great with kids of all ages and other dogs. Black lab is mum.Dad here also to see. Friendly,playful,loveable all round super family dog. Only for sale through no fault of her own. VERY Sad sale of much loved pet. GOOD FAMILY HOME WANTED!

We met Honey when we went to collect Louis and she is adorable and EXACTLY LIKE LOUIS!! So all you Louis fans – if you are looking for a Cav who is already trained – get in touch with Cheryl here




Very Sad News

We were so very upset and sad to hear that Louis’s brother, Max, died just before Christmas. It seems that he ingested a grass seed which caused a growth and although he survived the subsequent operation he died of an embolism shortly before he was due to come out of hospital. His owners are devastated and our hearts and thoughts are with them both. Max was such a handsome dog and he will always be remembered by us as the little puppy we very nearly chose instead of Louis so he has a special place in our hearts.

Max - RIP

Max – RIP

My fav pic of Max

My fav pic of Max


The special  litter of three -sadly now just two.

The special litter of three -sadly now just two.

Exciting Cavador Puppy News!!!! x 2!!

Happy New Year folks. Two bits of exciting news to share with you today!


First news is – the ‘Titchy Pig Three’ are now TWO YEARS OLD!!!  Yes, Louis, Max and Elphaba are no longer officially puppies any more. Now there is some dispute of the litter’s birthday as to whether it is 31/12 or 7/1 (a week later). But who wants a birthday on New Years Eve anyway? So we are celebrating today – Happy Birthday to our little gang. Here is Louis in full celebration mode…Trust me this is as happy as he looks!!

Louis the Cavador 2nd Birthday!

Louis the Cavador 2nd Birthday!

Ok now to the second bit of exciting news – THERE IS ANOTHER LITTER ON THE WAY!! Yes lovely Lisa from Narberth has got in touch to let me know she (metaphorically speaking) is expecting another litter at the end of Feb and the pups will be ready to go in the Spring. I must say I am quite tempted myself – feast your eyes on these two from the last litter.

Cavador Puppy

Cavador Puppy

cavdor 2

Cavador Puppy


Lisa (based in Wales, UK – sorry Australian followers!) has set up a facebook page Cav Adore so if you are interested then you can message her direct there.

I’m hoping Lisa will update us when the pups are born so we can bring you news and pic’s. Could this be your year to get Cavadorable?!

Cavadors like Company!

So sorry it’s been such a long time – I’ve been writing a food blog for the last six months (check it out at and I’ve become rather obsessed with cooking and eating out.

Elphaba’s owner emailed me recently however with news that they have another Cavador!! We are so jealous – they have called her Oreo – how cute is that? This prompted me to update the blog and I’m so pleased to see how many visitors we’ve had.

What is interesting about Helen’s new Cavador, Oreo,  that she is super tiny still – even though she is 8 months old she is still only 10KG and they don’t expect her to reach more than 12kg. Elphie is around 20kg and Louis is 22kg so this is a big difference.

So Elphie took a little while to get settled with her new pal but now they adore each other. Check out these pic’s. And exciting news – Oreo’s breeder has just had another litter of Cavador’s!  These lovely pup’s are so very rare and litters don’t come along very often. Message me for details (Breeder is based in UK).




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