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Louis in the forest

Louis the Cavador

Louis the Cavador

Took this pic of Louis earlier this week and just had to share it!!


Cavadors like Company!

So sorry it’s been such a long time – I’ve been writing a food blog for the last six months (check it out at http://designrestaurants.wordpress.com/) and I’ve become rather obsessed with cooking and eating out.

Elphaba’s owner emailed me recently however with news that they have another Cavador!! We are so jealous – they have called her Oreo – how cute is that? This prompted me to update the blog and I’m so pleased to see how many visitors we’ve had.

What is interesting about Helen’s new Cavador, Oreo,  that she is super tiny still – even though she is 8 months old she is still only 10KG and they don’t expect her to reach more than 12kg. Elphie is around 20kg and Louis is 22kg so this is a big difference.

So Elphie took a little while to get settled with her new pal but now they adore each other. Check out these pic’s. And exciting news – Oreo’s breeder has just had another litter of Cavador’s!  These lovely pup’s are so very rare and litters don’t come along very often. Message me for details (Breeder is based in UK).




The Family is Complete – Louis’s Brother Has Found Us!

Exciting week!! We are so delighted that Louis’s brother’s owner found us on YouTube and has been in touch. We are delighted to introduce Max!

Louis catching up with his bro!

Louis catching up with his bro!

Here is Louis checking out Max online (Don’t they look like they are Skyping??!)  – they are so incredibly alike its, well like they are twins which I guess they are (well triplets of course!). Max now has his own page so you can see some more pics of him. He is so handsome – those melt you eyes and velvet ears and Max has a distinctive white spot on his nose.We think Max is ever so slightly bigger than Louis – he was the biggest pup-  but I’ll report back on weight!

Max has the same adorable personality as the other two pup’s and sounds a little shyer than Louis – he had a poorly tummy when he was tiny and didn’t get to meet so many people or dogs early on which his owner thinks may have had an impact.

It’s fantastic to have contact now with both Louis’s brother and sister – and means we can update the site with info about all three gorgeous Cavadors.

Now the challenge is on to get these three special dogs together! Have a look at Maxy’s own page to see this beautiful boy!

Do Cavadors Shed?

Well if you’d asked me 2 months ago I’d have said ‘No! They are perfect no -shredders!’ However since we switched the central heating on its been a slightly different story…

Louis’s fur doesn’t exactly come out in clumps but I am now noticing balls of fluff in the corners of our tiled utility room floor – and my rugs now need a thorough Hoover ever few days.

I now try and groom him each time we come back from a walk which does help but when the sun shines low through the window I can see Louis hair glinting across the floor!

Fortunately we stuck to our ‘Banned from Upstairs’ rule so our clothes start the day fluff free! The girls both wear woolly tights for school and when they walk around with no shoes on they get a fluff build up…

Hopefully the shedding will stop when he gets used to the temperature change – anyone have any experience of Cavies and shedding?


Louis afraid of something at last!

It was Georgia’s birthday this weekend and we were blowing up balloons which Louis was most unhappy about! He found a safe place however….!! Louis The Cavador Puppy scared of balloons Click for video

Louis the Cavador Puppy

Louis the Cavador seeking safety

Louis exploring his new garden!

And it is a garden crying out for a dog!

Louis exploring his garden

Bringing Louis Home

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Well it was probably the longest journey of the childrens lives – and we couldn’t have been further away – Hampshire to Lincolnshire – literally traversing the country. We were also concious that Louis’ brother and sister had been collected the previous weekend so he’d been all alone for a week. We were late already!!

Louis The Cavador Puppy

After a  four hour drive then a quick cuppa with Chris we were back on the road and heading home with our fluffy bundle!

After a little initial shyness Louis soon began to realise that we were his! Forever! He would not stay in the crate we had wedged in between the girls and wanted to share the love all around the car…along with the smell of the puppy pen – phewwwww!

Louis the Cavador on his way to his forever home

He entertained us fully for the whole four hour drive and apart from one rather smelly accident he was extremely easy. Once we got back to Church Crookham the girls had one plea – could they take him to Pets at Home Superstore so they could show off?! For so long they had been the ones looking longingly at other kids parading their puppies in the aisles – and now if was their turn! They were not disappointed as we duly bought him MORE treats and he were stopped every 3 steps for people to coo over the tiny dog. The girls were ecstatic!

Louis The Cavador in car

Taking him into our house for the first time I can only liken to bringing your first baby home. We genuinely didn’t have a clue what to do with him?! He soon solved that by pooping all over the carpet…

The first night we were very strong and kept in his crate. After a mere 5 minutes of crying he went straight off to sleep and didn’t stir till we all got up Sunday morning! Its looking good so far…

Louis The Cavador in his crate

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